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The notorious 7-2 offsuit was, and arguably still is, considered to be the worst starting hand in Texas Hold’em.

Texas Holdem worst hand is the 7-2 offsuit.

It’s the hand that Phil Hellmuth got in the movie “Nobody.”

The film “Nobody” showcased a poker hand — “7 2 Offsuit” — which consists of the Seven of Spades and the Two of Diamonds.

The statistical worst possible hand dealt in Texas Hold ‘Em is the Seven of Spades and the Two of Diamonds. As the two lowest cards that cannot make a straight (since there are four cards between 2 and 7), neither of the cards is off-suit.

After years of analysis, the 7-2 unsuited hand has been recognized as the universally worst starting hand in Texas Hold’em. Both cards fail to be matched by the community cards and there are no adjacent cards for potential straights. Similarly, there are no suits that would allow for a flush.

Based on computer simulations, 7-2 offsuit is victorious in only about 5% of games against random hands before the flop. With such a low probability of winning, this hand is undoubtedly the worst hand in poker. Professionals avoid playing 7-2 offsuit because it is considered a serious strategic error in the world of real-money poker.

Literature and stories connected with poker are overflowing with warnings about players who bet heavily, and ended up failing after making the decision to play what is known in informed circles as 7-2. Doyle Brunson himself has devoted serious consideration to a disastrous round in which he became so enamored ofse7-2 that he lost heavily after the bets surpassed the thousands mark.

The most dreadful, grimmest, and terrible hand in poker

The least favorable hand in Texas Hold ’em poker

A lot of professional players tell anecdotes about being unwilling to fold the “peanut” hand despite the fact that doing so resulted in losing entire buy-ins or being eliminated from poker tournaments.

However, the 2003 WSOP Main Event Final Table is where the most talked about 7-2 hand took place.

Chris Moneymaker and weak hand of 7-2

Inexperienced Chris Moneymaker wagered everything with a weak hand of 7-2 against professional Sammy Farha’s strong hand of a pair of nines.

Moneymaker happened to draw a miraculous straight on the river with his 7-2 and secure the tournament for a $2.5 million victory. This unlikely win made 7-2 suited an everlasting legend in the world of poker.

Though 7-2 might win in a very large way on occasion, it is, strictly speaking, the worst you could possibly hope to start with in a game of Texas Hold ’em, and the cold, hard calculations of math quietly back up that assertion. For a field of slouches and stars alike, holding a 7-2 could easily signal complete disaster unless one knows just when to fold ’em.

Yet as Moneymaker demonstrated dramatically with his one-in-five-hundred river card, there is at least a solitary condition under which the absolute worst hand still marches away with the pot.

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